The Warrior's Path to Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization

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Monastic Stages


Newly Received Monastic Members

Theme - Personal Harmonization

Associate of Divinity in Daoism


First Monastic Profession

Theme - Global Harmonization

Master of Divinity in Daoism
Bachalor of Divinity in Daoism


Perpetual Monastic Profession

Theme - Universal Harmonization

Doctorate of Divinity in Daoism


Below is an outline of the Stages of Monastic Formation at Temple of the Empty Fist. 

Skills beyond Perpetual Monastic Profession (Monastery) are taught at the abbatial office ranks

  • Abbot / Abbess Primate Belt

    The Abbatial Hierarchy ←

    Theme - A Management System Based on Non-Aggression

    Founding Abbot
    Research & Discovery (Puts the organization there; but has no executive power over it)

    Abbot & Abbess Primate International
    (belt shown at right)

    Manages Temple of the Empty Fist Worldwide

    Abbot & Abbess President International
    Manages the Empty Fist Federation

    Chief Abbot & Abbess International
    Manages all Chief Abbots / Abbesses worldwide

    Abbot & Abbess International
    Manages all Abbots / Abbesses worldwide

    Prior & Prioress International
    Manages all Priors / Prioresses worldwide

    Note: There is no gender restriction among our abbatial hierarchy, e.g. a Prior is the head of a male Priory, and a Prioress is the head of a female Priory.

  • Monastery Belt


    Perpetual Monastic Profession
    Duration - Remainder of One's Lifetime

    Doctor of Divinity Degree in Taoism

  • Abbey Belt

    ABBEY ←

    First Monastic Profession
    Duration - Additional Four-to-Six Consecutive Years

    Master of Divinity Degree in Taoism
    Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Taoism

  • Novice Belt

    → PRIORY

    Duration - Two Consecutive Years

    Associate of Divinity Degree in Taoism

  • Temple Karate

    LAITY ←

    Non-Monastic Members
    (Theme - Martial Arts Enlightenment)

    1. Seamm Jasani / Black Belt Yoga
    2. Temple Karate / Master Instructor Course
    3. Class of Nonviolence (for Priory candidates)


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